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Creative Jumping Shoes Bounce Stilts Bionic Ostrich Boots Kangaroo Jump Adults Teenager Outdoor Extreme Sports Fitness Device

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Creative Jumping Running Shoes Bounce Bionic Ostrich Boots Kangaroo Adults Teenager

Outdoor Extreme Sports Fitness Device


Runners have been pursuing breakthroughs in running speed. Bolt has run a hundred meters for only 9.58 seconds.
So far, it has been the highest record of human running speed. It is impossible for ordinary people to reach to this
speed no matter how they practice.But as long as you wear this boots on your feets – bionic ostrich boots ,
with this equipment, you can run to 34km / h at the highest speed, and easily pull Bolt behind.The design of the boots
is based on the tendon structure of the ostrich and the kangaroo. After wearing, the kinetic energy can be converted
into elastic potential energy more effectively, and the potential energy can be converted into power when the leg is
kicked. This design minimizes the energy consumed during running and wears it will run much faster than a bicycle.
The shape looks awkward, but the overall shape of the boots is made of carbon fiber material, it does not feel heavy
when worn, and the high-speed turning is also very flexible.Under the mutual transformation of kinetic energy and
potential energy, each step has elastic assist. Because of the ejection force, the posture of wearing it will also change,
and the upper body will naturally lean forward to maintain balance,let you experience the feeling of flying vigorously.


1. Main parts made from carbon fibre ,Sturdy ,durable and light.
2. Single boots weight only 7040g,portable and easy to wear,no heavy.
3. Wear this boots can make you max running speed 34km/h.
4. It fits most of the ground and can run at any time.
5.Cool and fashion device for extreme sports lovers.


D1 for 50kg-70kg body weight(110lb-154lb);
D2 for 70kg-90kg body weight (154lb-198lb);
D3 for 90kg-110kg body weight(198lb-243lb);
D4 for 110kg<body weight<200kg,we will tailor it for you.(Leave message to let us know your weight)
Item name:Bounce running boots
Body Material: Carbon fibre  
For shoe size:EUR shoe size 39-46
Color:red(as photo)
Single boots weight:1740g(boots don’t divide left and right)

1. Do not use if you have a fracture, bruise or abnormal physical condition.
2. Do not use in a slow response state.
3, not enough warm-up exercises, do not use. Gradually increase walking practice time to prevent falls.
4. Do not repair, modify or disassemble it yourself to avoid damage.
5. It is forbidden to use in the following places:
    Lane: It is forbidden to use when the vehicle is difficult to stop or use near the corner.
    Do not use in places where there are many obstacles.
WARNING: For safety reasons, wear all safety gear, including knee pads, elbow pads and helmets, before use.
The fastener parts cannot be removed at will.
Store in a cool place when not in use. The composition of the elastic tube is natural latex.
It is normal to appear white.
Package weight: 5.5 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Pair of boots




  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: BM0603
  • color: red
  • Applicable fitness equipment: jump shoes
  • type: running shoes
  • Material: carbon fibre
  • for: adults
  • Function 1: jump,running,fitness
  • 2: lose weight
  • 3: extreme sports equipment

D1, D2, D3, D4

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Product Dimensions 17.32 x 13.39 x 2.36 inches; 1.5 Pounds
Item model number YGZ53PUBLACKS
Department Womens
Date First Available July 22, 2017
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