What is Jumping Stilts?

In the United States patent (2004), jumping stilts is described as a device that facilitates the locomotion of a person using a respective removable spring system attached to the person’s legs. Jumping stilts comprise a spring system, a critical connecting mechanism and a leverage mechanism.

            Jumping stilts are also referred to as kangaroo stilts, spring stilts, bounce stilts, or special stilts. Jumping stilts were invented by Alexander Bock, a citizen of Germany and an aerospace engineer. Jumping stilts are used for jumping, running, jogging and also to perform various acrobatics. Some people adopt jumping stilts as a fun-filled, exciting way of exercising for body fitness and /or weight loss. Freidman (2019) described jumping stilts as “spring-loaded stilts that are strapped onto both legs.  An individual stands about 16-20 inches above the ground when he or she straps on jumping stilts. Some manufacturers design various models of jumping stilts based on weight ranges, between 40 to 250 pounds. At the same time, some manufacturers design jumping stilts based on age range: some design various youth and adult models. Bouncing stilts are manufactured with either hard or soft springs. While stiff springs are preferred to people involved in stunt activities, mild springs make hopping on high objects easy at slow speed. Jumping stilts are usually made up of aluminum or stout metal springs and robust plastic buckle straps for safety and comfort. The act of using Jumping stilts is referred to as Bocking or Powerbocking. This name was coined from the name of the inventor. When strapped on, they act as the extension of a person’s legs. They enhance speedy movement and enable the user to jump a great fit of heights that would otherwise be considered to be humanly impossible.  Jumping stilts allow for building body organs such as respiratory and cardiovascular organs, strengthening muscles and body core, increasing skills, and inspiring a whole new level of outstanding agility, coordination, balance, and explosive force.

  Are Jumping Stilts Safe?

            Although SGS and CE certified, the stilts are safe to use for everyone, and it is essential for beginners to take some safety measures. Users risk head injuries, shoulders, elbow and knee injuries (sprain or broken bones). Doctors in Canada consider it to be a high-risk activity. However, videos on YouTube and Bouncing stilts manuals show how to use helmets, elbow pads, knee and wrist guards for ample protection. Some manufacturers include this safety gadget as a bonus package during the purchase of their products. Jumping stilts are considered to be relatively safe. There are also safety tips for beginners to be mindful of.

Lewis (2010) suggests wearing a multi-sport helmet for more comfort and wearing pads for the knees, elbow and wrists. A beginner should get a helper for the first time when trying to use stilts. Try to stand while using the helper as a crouch to adjust your balance on the jumping stilts. Practice walking before running and then jumping. In other words, take it slow.  For the purpose of safety, it is good to take time to get used to the feel of the spring and the added weight of the stilts. Friedman (2019) the use of jumping stilts is tasking. A beginner should start with short sessions and gradually develop strength and endurance—practice using flat surfaces. Avoid the temptation to perform the complex maneuver, acrobatics or jumping over the high object until the basics have been adequately mastered. Ensure to wear protective gear, make sure the jumping stilts are securely strapped on, wear stilts appropriate to the age or weight range, and using high-quality build stilts are necessary Safety measures.

 How much are Jumping Stilts?

            There are critical points to consider when choosing jumping stilts to buy. First, of course, the product’s price can either make it affordable or expensive, depending on the individual’s budget. Other factors to consider are stilts that are suitable to your age or weight, durable stilts (carbon fiber springs are considered stable and used by professionals), ensuring the product/brand you buy is officially licensed. Jumping stilts with durable components are often more expensive than others: Power skips, Fly Jumpers, Pro-Jumps, Air-Trekkers, Flying Jumpers and Power Striders. These are the most popular brands of Jumping stilts. According to an analysis made by Freidman, the to be five best jumping stilts are:

«  ADULT JUMPING STILTS by AIR TREKKERS BW EXTREME 1 Pair of Spring is one of the most popular brands. They have a high-quality build, are very durable and therefore safe. They are not heavyweight and are suitable for performing acrobatics. They are constructed with high-quality carbon fibre springs, a solid and lasting aluminum frame, and well-padded knee straps. Air-Trekkers are expensive.

«  Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts. These products are modelled for teenagers or older children. They make straight balanced movements and are therefore suitable for new users. They are certified by SGS and CE safety certifications and will perform basic jumps. However, they are not built for complex maneuvers or acrobatics. They cost about 165.00 dollars at the purchase price on Amazon. Aside from shipping or import fees.

«  Skyrunner Adult Jumping Stilts. These are high-quality technologies. They last long and are very comfortable to use. They are very balanced and feel like a natural extension of the user’s legs. SGS and CE certified to have a dual attachment system, durable and worth the price though expensive. The purchase price on Amazon is $295.00

«  Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts. This is a product from Skyrunner. They are considered to be affordable. They are modelled for heavier adults (between the range of 200 to 242 pounds) seeking to enjoy the excitement while losing weight.

«   Jump-bird Jumping Stilts. They are great for running and bouncing over tall objects. They are very affordable. They have a high-quality build and are durable. They are SGS and CE safety certifications which means they are safe to use. The purchase price on Amazon is $159.99

            Are Jumping Stilts worth the investment?

            Jumping stilts are not only an excellent activity for sport, excitement, fun, entertainment, and adrenaline. They have significant health benefits. They strengthened cardiovascular organs, respiratory organs, thigh and leg muscles. A study in Korea showed that jumping stilts help the ground lose body weight five times faster than other routine exercises. Jumping stilts are great for body fitness. Jumping stilts increases a user’s speed and agility. Of course, health is wealth.

How high can you jump with Jumping Stilts?

            Lars Oetken achieved the highest jump on stilts of 9ft 0.66 (2 .76m) on 10 August 2010 in Berlin (Guinness World Records)

Peter (2020) said that  “Jumping stilts with contraptions made of fiberglass springs and metal can give most wearers the ability jump 3-5 feet in the air, take 9-foot strides in a single bound and run about 20 miles per hour ( basically creating a feeling that one is moving like a kangaroo)

 How fast can you run with Jumping Stilts?

            Running with jumping stilts can give a person the ability to run for approximately20 miles per hour. Thus, improving the user’s agility, balance coordination and strength.

            The world is full of many people who struggle with obesity, excess body fat, calories due to consumption of fast fatty food and weak respiratory and cardiovascular organs. Jumping stilts is a fast, fun and exciting way to lose weight. Improved body fitness is necessary to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Jumping stilts is the newly popular sports gear around the world.


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