Have you ever needed a little more pep in your step? Ever since bounce shoes hit the market, people of all ages have discovered the delights of this phenomenon. So, what are they exactly? Built to protect ankles and feet, bounce shoes, also known as jump boots, allow the wearer to bounce as if on a trampoline utilizing a spring system attached to the sole. Who needs an expensive or large trampoline when you can simply strap on a couple of personal trampolines and take them anywhere with you? That is the world unlocked by this clever shoe. Whether you’re looking for bounce shoes for kids or hoping to incorporate jump boots exercises into your fitness regimen, this is the place to start.

Besides the obvious fun of a personal and portable trampoline strapped to your feet, the design of bounce shoes solves the age-old dilemma: to jump or not to jump. Like the effect of trampolines, bounce shoes cushion each step, relieving pressure on your feet as well as your ankle, knee, and hip joints during running and jumping activities. Especially useful for particularly hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt, jump shoes can turn an otherwise bland exercise into an escapade you’ll be anticipating with enthusiasm. The benefits don’t stop there. A study found that during the use of the jump shoes oxygen consumption increased, which is an indicator of increased muscle usage and calories burned. Thus, not only will these boots save your feet and joints, they will provide an exceptional, low-impact workout with maximized results.

Exercise options for bounce shoes involve almost any cardio movement or cross-training environment in a standing position. For example, walking, running, plyometrics, aerobics, circuit training, interval training, dancing, or boxing exercises could easily incorporate these shoes for ultimate effect and reduced impact. Furthermore, if you check your local gym and fitness clubs, you may be able to find jump boot classes or bootcamps.

Now that you are ready to purchase your first or next pair of bounce shoes, it is time to filter through the brands and styles available. Before you proceed, consider what your needs and goals are so you can choose the right pair! Considerations you will need to examine prior to making your bounce shoe purchase include the weight capacity of the shoes, your budget, the quality of materials, and the design used by the manufacturer to ensure your safety.

Possibly one of the most well-known in jump boot fashion is the Kangoo Jumps. Generally, the weight limit of Kangoo Jumps is 200 lbs. The higher price tag does come with a couple of advantages. First, having been one of the earliest jump shoes available, the positive reviews and feedback from wearers provide security in the quality of the shoes. Next, Kangoo sells sole replacements for when the traction of your shoe wears down, indicating the longevity of their design.

One of the earliest versions on the market, Geospace Anti-Gravity Running Boots, first became available in 2010. The adult versions are suitable for anyone between 99 and 176 lbs, recommended for children 8 years old and up; however, replacement T-Springs can be purchased for children as small as 55 lbs all the way up to 264 lb adults. One of the features of this boot is the wider design to improve ergonomic conformity to your shoe.

Unlike the Kangoo and Geospace boots, the Joyfay Unisex Jump Shoes are designed to be worn without other shoes on. With no-slip soles, Joyfay’s most recently released shoes hit the market in late 2020, incorporating the latest design features. Despite the stylish appearance and updated construction, customers may have difficulty with the sizing. With only four sizes to choose from, each size is limited by both the foot size and the wearer’s weight. If a person falls outside the parameters you may not be able to purchase this option.

Coming in at one of the lower prices, Seakyland Unisex Fitness Jump Boots boast a special feature: removable and washable padded inner liner made of a synthetic material.  These jump boots will support a weight of up to 200 lbs and are considered a heavy duty jump shoe. Released in late 2018, these are one of the more recent shoe designs available.

With an effective load weight on the higher end, ZCOINS Unisex Anti-Gravity Running Boots can carry a load up to 240 lbs for their largest shoe size, but that doesn’t come with an expensive price tag. The inner lining is made of a mesh fabric that is breathable for the comfort of the wearer.

Finally, if you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, Skyrunner Kangaroo Shoes may be what you’re looking for! With SGS and CE certifications, meaning that they are compliant with international standards, these jumping stilts can lift up to 200 lbs, but be sure you get the right set for your weight! Because of the stilted design, safety gear is recommended due to the distance you could end up falling to the ground. Knee and elbow pads, wrist braces, and a helmet would be a good idea should you take a tumble with these strapped on.

While you would not go wrong with any of the bounce shoes above, ultimately the best bounce shoes for you will be the ones that fit into your fun and fitness goals as well as your budget. Considering that carrying around a trampoline is neither cost-effective nor convenient, these shoes allow you to turn the world into a trampoline with endless amusement while stimulating muscle growth and weight loss.

Whether you’re 8 or 86, the support and impact reduction of bounce shoes allows people to reach their fitness and well-being goals in a way that is safe and enjoyable. Bringing increased amusement to each activity, these boots will have people returning to strap them on again and again. If you have not yet tried a pair, a quick video search will silence any hesitation on the magnitude of fun within your reach. So then, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and designate the world as your own personal trampoline!


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